Thursday, 8 January 2009

Simplicity is a wrap around Skirt

I have a thing for 50's and 60's stuff, and 70's too if the truth is known. I found this pattern a while back at my favourite Op Shop. I just cannot go for long without having a browse around there. Anyway I made this skirt a while back in a Poppy floral fabric that I loved, (you may see a peek of it beside me in the photo) and it has been so cool and comfy, I brought out of hiding some more favourtie fabric, and made another one!!! It would probably have only taken me an hour or so to make, but with all the interuptions - phone calls/kids asking for food/daughter asking for sewing lesson/having to go into Howick village to the haberdashery shop for bias binding - that sort of thing, its taken me the best part of a very sunny day. But hey high tide isn't till 5.00 and there is left overs in the fridge so its a win win situation!!!

I did have to stand on the edge of the bath for this photo, and lets face it, its not very professional, but I hope your'e getting the idea here folks!

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