Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Talk about Cats...!

Anna took photos of the cat population in her room, thankfully none of them are active mouse catchers!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Here I am at my computer and its 4.46am!

Yes I have been up since about 2.45 am. Woken by a very large crashing sound, we found Matt who's bedroom is on the bottom floor of the house, chasing our lovely tabby Cleo (actually not so lovely) who had thought it best for all concerned to bring in the nights takings (namely a sorry looking but very much alive mouse) inside to share with the family. Mike my brave and unflinching husband and Matt number one son with an ice-cream lid (huh?) both in boxer shorts for battle gear fought galantly and managed to get the mouse outside. Before he could lock the cat door, Cleo was back in (with the mouse) and wondering why on earth we weren't praising her and giving her crunchies as a reward.
The ensuing battle probably had the neighbours calling 111, because the mouse ran under Emma's bedroom door, who awoke to find Mike hurtling into her room with a floor mop and a very crazed expression. Cleo made a break for it but I managed to head her off at the pass which in this case was the stairwell, chasing her back downstairs, still with the poor mouse at her mercy, followed by the screams 2 floors down, and a great deal of scuffling with a few utterances about b****y cats.

So its what?... 2 hours later and Mike has just reported that Cleo is outside our bedroom window...WITH THE MOUSE IN HER MOUTH!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Well the house is clean...

So it's obvious I haven't been very crafty, but now that the house is clean, I guess I can go for it!
Kids are back at school, and my oldest boy Matt, 16 and a half has started working! He is doing a 3 month trial, and then starts his builders apprenticeship! Now that should be handy having a builder in the family! I can't believe 2 of my 4 children are working. How can that be possible when I still feel only 18? (well kind of!).
I dont even know if anyone has read this blog, so maybe I am just typing to myself... but if you would like to comment please feel free!!

Friday, 1 February 2008

School is back next week and dont I know it...

Ah yes, its that time of year when you realise the carefree days of the summer holidays are fast diminishing, and the school routine is about to take hold again. Fighting through the stampede of mothers and kids trying on school shoes, I end up taking the devil may care attitude towards the price, in my desparation to escape the humidity and the other 150 mothers and their off-spring, trying to get their kids to stand still while they grapple with buckles and velcro. And then there's the stationery. First the purchase (how much did you say?!!!), and then cover with the dreaded Duraseal, which curls up and sticks to everything but the books. I at least try and get the front cover crease free, but the back...? Ah well who looks at the back cover anyway?