Friday, 9 January 2009

Old Bag, Bag Bag, Bag Holder

Whatever you call it I made one. Here is the story...
I wanted to make one just like this, that my friend Tanya gave me for Christmas (with matching Apron!!) for my sister Pauline who sadly, has never owned a bag bag (thats what I call them)

and it turned out like this...

Ahem... yes I agree.

A very dismal effort indeed, and one I am rather embarrassed to send out to blogland. I just got all excited and started chopping and sewing without really thinking about it. I am quite impulsive at times and impatience often springs to mind when describing my character... anyway back to the story.

So I went for a simplified version, but I think this butcher stripe type fabric really makes it quite hip and funky (these aren't words I bandy about very often so excuse me trying to sound all... well ... hip and funky)

In my defence the photos don't do them justice, any of them. Except perhaps the one that didn't really work out. That one has come out so much better in the photo. Whats that all about?

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Joanna said...

Hip and funky are the exact words I would use to describe you!! lol!! Love the bag bag - I finally started on mine last night - it's very different from yours, but still hip and funky haha!!