Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Day Mayhem

The heat, the noise, the mess, the absolute mayhem that is Christmas Day when you are from a large family ... I love it!!!

The joy of finding the things you love....

Being with the ones you love....

including Busy sisters....

and as has been customary in our family for over 20 years...

Lighting a candle for those of us not there to celebrate with us.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Nintendo's and Playstations and sparkly new bikes aside, I would just like to wish you all, blessings, peace and love this Christmas. I hope it is filled with the contentment of being with your loved ones, and that your New Year is one of health and happiness.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Better than bought ones...

I always think buying flowers for me is such a waste. Because,
A. I am the worst flower arranger in the world
B. They don't last very long even with the little sachets they give you and using all the tricks like sugar and bleach. (Maybe you are supposed to add water to that?!!)
Well even I am able to make a decent looking arrangement, with these gorgeous hydrangea's. They are from our garden and are looking pretty darn pretty right now. Ours are shades of purple, but Annie (my niece and dear friend) has ones that are the most vibrant pink and pure white. Its something to do with the alkaline levels or something.
Really with a blog name like Busy Lizzie, you would think I should know!!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tis the Season and all that...

So I finally got the Christmas Tree and decorations up. I more or less let the kids go for it this year with the tree (I'm usually a colour co-ordinated control freak), because the old eye was giving me jip, and the thought of sticking my eye with an artificial pine tree branch made my toes curl. (I know it should be real, but a couple of years ago, I got this poor looking thing from the warehouse, and its sort of stuck around). Anyway I just handed it over to the Busy kids and told them to knock themselves out. I picked up these fairy baubles from Spotlight last year. Three boxes of 24 knocked down from $25.00 to just $1.00 a box. Totally doesn't go with the colour scheme, but this year it just didn't seem to matter. Christmas carols belting out, and the kids doing the tree without me taking over the whole show looks like it might be the way to go!

Pauline bought me this decoration. I just wish I looked as good!!

And this fairy at the top of the tree is something my Mum bought me about 20 years ago. I have tried to give her a bit of a makeover over the years but she still doesn't manage that sophisticated look a lot of fairies have. Trouble is Mum passed away 5 years ago, and I cannot bear to part with the little bedraggled fairy now. I know what my Mum would say.

She would say, "Oh Elizabeth chuck her out and just go and get a new one."

But I can't. So she stays.

Then I had these sticks in a vase. (My sister Pauline sticks sticks in a vase and they look amazing. You should see her Christmas deco's. They are out of this world!)

Anyway I let the kids loose on those and then chucked the rest of the baubles in a glass jar and bowl, and they look quite nice when the sun shines on them...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

In the interest of Happy Blogging

I think I may be coming out of the dark dingy hole of a painful eyeball. I can even manage to enjoy a cup of tea, and a cheese toasted vogels. And aint that what life's all about?

Happy Days people. Happy Days!

Monday, 7 December 2009

The way Eye see it...

I don't like to wallow in misery normally, and hope that soon it will be mince pies and the Christmas spirit that I'm wallowing in. I'm having a crumby week, and I'm sure everyone thinks I'm some Mafia boss's sidekick, because I have to wear these everywhere.

Maybe Santa might find me a decent pair of sunnies in his sleigh...?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The eyes have it...

or in my case one eye does not have it.
I had the cataract surgery on Tuesday, and although it was a slim chance I thought perhaps I might get something back in my right eye. Unfortunately the retina is in a very bad way, but you know... I am grateful God gave me two eyes....