Friday, 28 January 2011

The sound of crickets....

is often what you hear on tv progrommes when nothing is happening, so I apologise if you are deaf from them by now. I have not posted here for months. Ahem over 6 months actually, and because I thought I was so clever I started the Gluten Free blog, and havent done anything on that either.

So much has been going on. I have been getting to grips with all this Coeliac thing, and yes its going okay, but it was all consuming for a good while there. I have been badly glutened once, and I can tell you I don't want that happening again!

I have also decided this year that instead of being insipid and waiting for something to come to me, then I would make it happen. So I have started a little photography business. Mr Busy bought me a new camera last year, and to say my kids are over having their portraits done is probably an understatement. Am I good enough? Don't know but Im going to find out! So with Senior Busy son moving out, I have moved my studio into his room downstairs.

I have decided that its too much "not" running two blogs so I am going to wind this one up, and before the other one even got off the ground, put that one to bed too. I will leave them up for now, but I need to seriously concentrate on what I really want to do. I know I dont have a following of thousands, but I have "met" some really lovely bloggy friends, who have now become facebook friends, and who one day I would love to meet in person! And I would really love to say thanks to those of you who have followed this funny old little blog, and left me such kind and encouraging comments. I will be setting up a new one and a website for my photography business, and when that is up and running I will let you all know. Please pop by and have a gander.

But for now its goodbye from Busy Lizzie and all her Busy family..... xxxxxxx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Just venting....

To Whom it may Concern

I was issued a parking ticket in Howick on 21/07/2010.

At the time I was maxing out my husbands credit card at Sirroco Hair Salon, which is adjacent to the parking lot.

I was unable to move my car. I mean really unable to.

For the pleasure of supporting local businesses, I dont know if you are aware of the anxiety and worry that getting a parking ticket in Howick causes to the locals. There are so many of us trying to cover up our greys now that it's a six week wait at best to get a decent colourist. I fall into the catergory of having to colour my hair. Let me explain the imprisonment process.

This procedure requires the humiliation of having to cover your head in lots and lots of squares of tin foil (which incidentaly takes the best part of five Woman's weekly's and a Next magazine cover to cover to try and read, and also renders one partially sighted for the duration). I was unable to escape the confines of the foils let alone the salon to move my car.

After the foils are removed you have to suffer the indignity of wet hair dripping down your neck, while the sylists weilds very sharp scizzors so close to your ears that you don't dare breath, never mind mention that you might like to catch pnemonia and the indignation of half cut hair, so you can dash, like the Schwarzkopfed caped crusader to the car park to move your car 2 spots over.

My appointment was at 10 oclock, and I try to time it as close to the appointment time as is possible to avoid eating into my "Parking Allowance". My parking fine was issued at 12.36 and I got back to my car at around 1.00, so could you please explain to me how in future I will be able to avoid getting a parking fine?

I wait in anticipation for your reply.

Yours sincerely

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Because one Blog isn't busy enough

and really its not like I keep up with this one, I have also started another blog. What with my new diagnosis, I don't want this one to become all about "ME" and my gluten free self! So I have started another one that deals with GF stuff. I mean if your interested take a gander, and if not, then do hang around here, I will still be lurking about waiting to bore you witless as soon as you appear!

So if you want to check it out, its called Gluten Free - Good Food.

And when I am not on either of these blogs you will find me in the kitchen decontaminating, and trying to work miracles with Potato Starch!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Bloggy etiquette

What is one to do? I now have comment moderation on my blog. Of course I get so many comments that they all need to be fielded (yeah right) and anyway its a family show and you can't be too careful these days!
Anyway I am getting comments on my posts but some are in Japanese I think it is. I can't read them, so have no idea what they are saying or who this person is. Well Iv'e been rejecting them but don't know whether to feel bad about it or not, because they could be a really nice person, but then again they could be trying to sell me a time share in Outer Mongolia in the off season or something. So if you are nice I apologise, (do you think you could translate your comments?) and if you are trying to sell me a time share, don't bother. I don't have any time to spare! I'm far too busy!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The invasion....

There is an invasion of sorts going on in our pantry.
Family meetings are being called.
Signs are being posted.
Yes folks yesterday I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease. Which means things are a changin in the kitchen....
The Dymo will be getting another run out to do some more labels. They'll read something like this...

with a few
and not forgetting that old chestnut....
Well! Have you seen how expensive that stuff is?!!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The neglected Blog......

Yes I know its been a bit quiet around this blog for quite a while, and although I have been doing some crafty stuff it's been things for the kids new school. The reason why I have been doing a bit of sewing for the school is because I think I am that parent. You know the one... That says to the teacher,
"If you need anything doing, I can sew a bit."
Its at this stage that the teacher gets a glint in her eye, but ever so casually says, "oooh lovely, we might need you later on..."
Later on comes and so Easter is not far away and then teacher pulls you aside and says,
"you couldn't make a costume for the Easter Liturgy could you?"
So one Jesus costume turns into two guards, a Mary, and a Pontius Pilate, and an angel!
And then the Official School opening is about the happen, and being a Kiwi school, there is a bit of Maori culture involved, and the school don't have any Kapa Haka outfits. It is about then that I start to have a bit of a nervous breakdown. Anyway I did manage 43 headbands, and dresses for the two main girls and a piu piu (sort of like a skirt thing for non Kiwi's) for the main boy.
Chuck some pillows in there somewhere for a couple of the classes, plus the ridiculous amount of after school activities, and organising a big "0" party for my sister, and there is my reason for not blogging.
In other words its been business as usual around here. Crazy mad, and very BUSY!
What follows is a short visual interlude.....

Junior Busy as the Angel Gabrielle


Junior Busy son as mean guard placing the crown of thorns (twigs wired together from our tree out the front) on Jesus' head.


Pontius Pilate

Kapa Haka headbands waiting to be trimmed.

Piu Piu (for non Kiwi's pronounced Pew Pew)

Piu Piu with sash.

Kapa Haka dresses.

Hopefully it won't be so long before my next update, but in reality I have a few mums to round up, so we can get 40 more Kapa Haka costumes made for a cultural festival. I haven't forgotten you. I'm just .... well ... Busy...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Anchor's away...!!!

I bet you thought I was going to tell you I was off on the Queen Mary or something didn't you? Well I'm referring to these delightful little carrot muffins, that really only have one use. Chuck a bit of rope on the end of them, and throw them off your boat. You'll be moored in the harbour as long as you want! I forgot we had to take a plate to the PTA meeting tonight, so thought I could whip these up. I might try and fob them off to the family, but they will probably end up weighing down the compost bin at the end of the day.

And to add insult to injury I burnt my Bubble Log!!

What follows is a summary of why:
I have been awake since about 2.30am. So instead of trying to force myself to sleep I got up and watched the Living Channel. I fancied the cup cakes they were making on Nestle, New Zealands hottest home baker, and got a bit inspired.
Im going to plead insanity at the PTA meeting tonight, and who knows, it might get me off manning the cake stall!!