Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Random Handy thing

Browsing through Tipnut, I found this very handy little tutorial for closing a bag without using a bag closer. Go here and find out how!
I didn't do any sewing yesterday because I went to visit my sister Lee, who is doing very well thankyou, and both her and Pauline loved their presents, as per previous posts. But look what Lee bought me for "looking after her". I didn't really a lot of looking after, just drank tea and talked all day!!

A little compact mirror with Swarovski elements.

I love the way the sticker says "Super Perfect" 5x. Im not sure I'm keen on the little sticker that states, for fine details. Because those fine details on my face are not that fine. Anyway I like to think that Lee Lee is telling me that I am Super Perfect!!!

I'm lucky eh!!

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