Friday, 28 January 2011

The sound of crickets....

is often what you hear on tv progrommes when nothing is happening, so I apologise if you are deaf from them by now. I have not posted here for months. Ahem over 6 months actually, and because I thought I was so clever I started the Gluten Free blog, and havent done anything on that either.

So much has been going on. I have been getting to grips with all this Coeliac thing, and yes its going okay, but it was all consuming for a good while there. I have been badly glutened once, and I can tell you I don't want that happening again!

I have also decided this year that instead of being insipid and waiting for something to come to me, then I would make it happen. So I have started a little photography business. Mr Busy bought me a new camera last year, and to say my kids are over having their portraits done is probably an understatement. Am I good enough? Don't know but Im going to find out! So with Senior Busy son moving out, I have moved my studio into his room downstairs.

I have decided that its too much "not" running two blogs so I am going to wind this one up, and before the other one even got off the ground, put that one to bed too. I will leave them up for now, but I need to seriously concentrate on what I really want to do. I know I dont have a following of thousands, but I have "met" some really lovely bloggy friends, who have now become facebook friends, and who one day I would love to meet in person! And I would really love to say thanks to those of you who have followed this funny old little blog, and left me such kind and encouraging comments. I will be setting up a new one and a website for my photography business, and when that is up and running I will let you all know. Please pop by and have a gander.

But for now its goodbye from Busy Lizzie and all her Busy family..... xxxxxxx