Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Easy Mix...

A little know fact to people who don't know me really well, and I'm surprised I haven't shared it with you all by now, but I'm a radio person during the day. My radio is on from 6 in the morning till 6 at night, and its permanently on in the sewing room. Very convenient because you can listen and do stuff at the same time, and with the radio station I listen to its great, because they always have real little gems about all sorts of things in life, as well as really good music.

Another little know fact in blog world, is the "ringing or emailing the radio station" gene that I inherited from my late mum. She was always ringing up and winning stuff, or just putting her two bobs worth in.
So here is a big yahooo, to EASY MIX, which in my opinion is theee best station. Emma, Busy Daughter number one reckons it's bordering on stalking, especially when I inadvertently sent one of the morning presenters our family christmas lunch menu, asking what dish she would be bringing. Yeah I know when its put like that it doesnt look real good, but Alison was really good about it, and cancelled the trespass notice not long after I apologised.
Anyway just before Easter they had a competition going for The Reader prize pack, which consisted of the book, movie tickets, and some very nice perfume. Being inflicted with "the" gene and with the phone number tatooed onto my brain, I rung up and...

And if you don't believe me how nice they all are there, you can even listen online! Its Easy

Monday, 27 April 2009

The PB & H and Vogels has kicked in...

Okay so the chocolate is off the menu but I think the Peanut butter and Honey on Vogels may have done the trick. The headbands were a success so as Anna is making her First Holy Communion and Confirmation in May, she needed something for her hair, so I made The Headband in white Dupion Silk and hand sewed on some little pearls and beads. I wanted to embellish it with Swarovski Crystals that I have, but I couldn't get the needle all the way through the bead. I used these other ones instead, and although not as glittery and eye catching, not too bad.

I finished Emma's bag, which she has been waiting for for ages, but I was in the middle of it when the Craft Paralysis struck! I whipped her up a headband in the wider style as well, just for the fun of it! Its not great because I couldn't be bothered changing the white thread for black, which is just lazy of me!

And here are the swimming bags I made Nick and Anna, a couple of weeks ago.

All in all a rather productive weekend considering, we were all up at Stockade Hill at 5am for the Anzac dawn service. Very moving, especially when they play the last post. It was a howling gale, but nothing compared to what those boys went through.

Friday, 24 April 2009


A poem written by my husband Mike in 1969 - aged 13 years.

It was a day like today my son, from out of the bright blue sky.
A day like today my son, when millions of people did die.
They came from high above my son, like eagles diving for their prey.
And not a single one was left my son.
Except for you and I...

Remembering the ANZACS, and the sacrifices they made for us...

"They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the evening
we will remember them."
— From the Anzac Day Service

Polka Dot Headbands and Vogels Bread

A few of the blogs I have been reading have all been suffering from some sort of block in the craft department. Jodie from Ric Rac calls it EITTTS. Everything I Touch Turns To S***. Then Sandra over at Pepperberry & Co calls it Craflu. My personal favourite is Craft Paralysis, because I get to my sewing room and then turn around, head for the kitchen, pop the kettle on and have a bit of rummage in the barren pantry for something that's really bad for me. Most crafters who are suffering from any, or even all of these debilitating conditions have been prescribed a good dose of chocolate, taken at regular intervals until symptoms cease. I suffer from an equally torturous condition that means I can't eat chocolate, otherwise my chest bursts into flames and I spend the next 2 weeks propped up trying to sleep on 8 pillows. My intolerance to the Craft Paralysis prescription, leaves me feeling needing, and so in desperation I will turn to Peanut Butter and Honey on Vogels. (You kiwis will know what I'm on about here.) It's not ideal but you have to get that sugar and fat fix where you can.
Well it may have started to kick in because I made a couple of headbands yesterday for Little Busy and her cousin. And then because they went so well I made another one for my friend Jos's girl too. Now I'm not saying I have been cured by PB & H on Vogels, but its a start. I'm not sure what the remedy is, but I also find it really difficult to start cutting into fabric. Which is ridiculous because I am a bit embarrassed by my stash now, and I need to start using it. I'm not alone here because Sandra said she understands and has bought some discontinued fabric. I nearly broke out in hives when she told me. I mean how could you ever go near it with a pair of scissors? Anyway I'm off. The kettle's just boiled!! : )

**** UPDATE****Please note because I was banging on about Craft Paralysis I failed to mention that the headband tutorial came courtesy of foofangle who was generous enough to post a tutorial with a template to download. I cannot take credit for being fantastic all on my own!!

Monday, 20 April 2009


It's a group I have started on FB. Its stands for Mothers Against Rejected Mothers Of Teenagers.
I told you a couple of posts back how I was hanging around at FB for a bit hence my lack of posting? I even made friends with my two oldest children. Busy Daughter 21 in August, and Busy Son 18 in June. (To be honest he is not that busy, mainly just lies around, or goes out socialising). This whole face book thing was going quite well for a while and everyone was rubbing along together in a very jolly fashion, with lots of nice comments and everything. And then it happened. Here is how...

Matt comments: Finished work early. (He's a builders apprentice, and its pouring rain today)
Mum comments: Well you can tidy your room then! (in a lets have a laugh kind of way)
Friend of Matt comments: ha ha
Matt comments: Mum don't comment me you loser.
Friend of Matt comments: tidy your room.
Mum comments: something about not being so mean, and I can embarrass you more than you can embarrass me.
Matt comments: I can delete you.

And guess what? He did. Just like that!
On my status bar I had written: KIDS! Just when you think they have pushed you to the edge they grab a heart string and pull so hard it makes your eyes water.
My son had just ripped my heart out.
He doesn't wanna be my friend anymore. Where did I go wrong I ask myself? Was it spoiling him too much, by buying him that Swimming Action Man when he was five? Could it have been the trip to Disneyland when he as six? Or did it happen later in High School when I insisted on dropping him right at the school gate, whilst blasting Easy Listening music from the car, while I waited until he was safely in the school gate? I just don't know how he could have turned like that.

I'm sure there are distraught parents out there all over the place, aimlessly wondering why their kids have deleted them. Word might get out, they may need MARMOT. And for all you parents of 7 year olds, don't think it won't happen to you. Get your support networks in place NOW! I tell you you are gonna need them! One day they will change, and instead of laughing at your corny joke, it will be met with silence and a curled lip...

Remember you have been warned! Please leave a comment if you are in need of a friendly message from team MARMOT.

A teenage Marmot shortly before it's parents spent $20,000 in Orthodontist treatment

Love is a beautiful thing - Da da dada da - dada...

Sorry about the terrible singing. I was down in Howick village this morning picking up the photo books that I did on Snapfish, (which turned out brilliantly I might add), and as is usual for me and the kids, we had to pop into Joes Emporium, and the Salvation Army store. I found this piece of fabric in the "Make an Offer" box! The lady suggested $1, and I said yes please, and I got 2 and a bit metres. Now what shall I make? I'm thinking a skirt. Nice simple A line? I'm not sure do you think it might be too much of a statement on the body? Anyway I am really in love with it.

I'm embarrassed to say that I have enough fabric to sink a battle ship, but you know what its like, I just can't pass it by. I saw another piece of nice fabric in the St Vincent De Paul op shop on Saturday, that I didn't buy and then kicked myself.
I also bought some Du Kit which the kids and I have had a bit of fun with this avo. I remember my Mum buying me Fimo, when I was about 11 and off school sick, and I made all manner of brooches and things, and I have been wanting to let the kids have a go at it for ages. (I will post photos soon). Well the junior Buzy's had a great time, creating with this polymer clay, and I even made some little red white and blue buttons. Seeing as though the weather has packed up somewhat, it has been a raging success!
I have been a bit barren in the sewing department, but I did whip up this wheat bag for a friend. It was her birthday on Easter Saturday, but she has been away on holiday. I don't think she reads my blog, so I'm not worried about her seeing this.

I know its not really anything to write home about, but its something I suppose. Oh and I did make the kids quite cute swimming bags, but will have to put a pic of them on when I show you the Du Kit creations.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Blessings

Its been a good Easter Weekend, all the solemnity of Good Friday, and then Easter Sunday celebrations, with the baptism of a wee girl. Mass was packed to the gunnells this morning, with a lot of singing and clapping. Puts you in a good mood for the day, even if the two rugrats kicked each other and sulked all the way through it!! Can tell its Easter because we just got our first Feijoa off the tree, and the Fig tree is yeilding more fruit everyday, even though the birds are still getting their fair share.

This was before the figs ripened...

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter Season.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lets face it

Its been a wee while since my last post.
The thing is you see, ages ago, I don't even know when, I sort of got this face book account. Did I know what to do with it? No not really. But then one day out of the blue I got this email that said so and so has requested I be her friend on fb (I'm starting to use abbreviations already), and I thought... okaaaay. So I said she could be my friend, which was a bit silly really because she was already my friend, and in fact we were due to have coffee the next day, with a few of our other friends, who also suddenly started sending me fb requests for friendship, which was a bit silly really because we were also... well you get the idea. So after a little while I had a few friends on fb, and then started thinking of people I hadn't seen in ages, and before I knew it I was requesting friends, which was a bit silly because ... okay we won't start that again.
Anyway did you know fb is quite addictive? Just a little bit. and I feel bad because I know my darling sister Lee reads my blogs really regularly (thanks Lee lee) and I think she might have been feeling neglected along with the other thousands of you who read this blog - ahem. So the thing is I have been hanging out at fb for a bit, but I'm back now and it feels quite nice, because I did put some pictures of some of the things I made on my fb page, titled Things I Made, and I got really positive comments, apart from the one from my 20 year old daughter. Her comment was. "Oh God Mother", because her friends can see my pics too. Anyway being the age I am I'm not easily embarrassed anymore, so it didn't worry me, but poor Emma, will have to wait another 20 years before she is not humiliated by her attention seeking Mum. Moving on... I haven't been doing much sewing (hmm I'm in that unmotivated place again, and according to Oprah I think its my hormones but that's another post), but I did get a new do, (another webcam shot) and I will post it here today just so you know I am back, and still with ya...