Friday, 23 July 2010

Just venting....

To Whom it may Concern

I was issued a parking ticket in Howick on 21/07/2010.

At the time I was maxing out my husbands credit card at Sirroco Hair Salon, which is adjacent to the parking lot.

I was unable to move my car. I mean really unable to.

For the pleasure of supporting local businesses, I dont know if you are aware of the anxiety and worry that getting a parking ticket in Howick causes to the locals. There are so many of us trying to cover up our greys now that it's a six week wait at best to get a decent colourist. I fall into the catergory of having to colour my hair. Let me explain the imprisonment process.

This procedure requires the humiliation of having to cover your head in lots and lots of squares of tin foil (which incidentaly takes the best part of five Woman's weekly's and a Next magazine cover to cover to try and read, and also renders one partially sighted for the duration). I was unable to escape the confines of the foils let alone the salon to move my car.

After the foils are removed you have to suffer the indignity of wet hair dripping down your neck, while the sylists weilds very sharp scizzors so close to your ears that you don't dare breath, never mind mention that you might like to catch pnemonia and the indignation of half cut hair, so you can dash, like the Schwarzkopfed caped crusader to the car park to move your car 2 spots over.

My appointment was at 10 oclock, and I try to time it as close to the appointment time as is possible to avoid eating into my "Parking Allowance". My parking fine was issued at 12.36 and I got back to my car at around 1.00, so could you please explain to me how in future I will be able to avoid getting a parking fine?

I wait in anticipation for your reply.

Yours sincerely