Sunday, 11 January 2009

Bedroom makeover

This was the colour scheme before I decided I was getting a bit sick of orangy tones. I originally covered our headboard in a lovely oak fabric, and I have loved it, but its been about 4 or 5 years now, and a change is as good as a rest, so I thought a duck eggy colour might be nice and restful, and the floral fabric in the pillows I picked up at Spotlight quite cheap. I love cheap (not nasty, just cheap!). We pinched the little used chair from Anna's room (it doesn't go with her colour scheme anyway) and away I went. So I made some cushions with zips in them and everything! They made up like a dream. I love it when that happens. The lace looking cushion is from a sample piece of fabric. So now I have to redo the big canvas by the bed and it's pretty much a done deal. Now... how can I convince Mike that the chilli coloured sofa's in the upstairs lounge are due for a makeover... Suggestions on the back of a postcard please!!!

The light is terrible so I apologise for bad quality. And I am probably rubbish at taking good craft photos anyway.


Joanna said...

Well I really like what you did - and talking of convincing husbands into letting us do more re-decorating, don't tell mine, but I plan on painting our bedroom a very pale aqua/blue one day soon while he's at work. I feel stupid for insisting that it be painted purple before we moved in. What was I thinking? It's so dark and just blech! So I really am digging your blue tones in your re-do:) And the name Spotlight...aaahhh memories loL!!

Ginger_Curls said...

Hello, I saw you on Applique Today and thought I'd take a look :) Your cushions look fab - and with zips as well! What is that creepy crawly a few posts ago - doesn't look like something I'd want in my house.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi! I came here by way of Applique Today and just wanted to delurk to tell you I love your work!!!! :) You are now added to my favorites so I can drool and sigh over all your projects.
Have a great day!!

Bethany said...

Your blog is adorable! I was so glad to find it!

Jessica said...

Hello! I came here from Joanna's blog and I just love your new redo in your bedroom. I'm more of a quilter, less of a sew-er, but I'm trying to dabble a bit more in home decorating. I'm gonna add you to my favorites. As for giveaway rules, I don't think there are least I never followed any set rules for my giveaways! :) (oh, and I LOVE the word "thingy")!!!