Friday, 5 February 2010

A brand new year, and brand new school

We hummed and haa-d a bit last year about moving the kids to the brand new school that opened today, but after their reactions this arvo, I think we have definately done the right thing! And as Foundation Students, I saw two really motivated kids at the end of the school day today, and even though it's only the first day... well, start as you mean to go on is my motto!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Top Two

Because I liked the first one so much, I thought another would be in order. This was the fabric that I wanted to make the wrap around skirt in actually, but I didn't have enough. I have showed this one with the button detail on the sleeve, which brings them in a bit, so I don't look like a reject from the Flying Nun. (You might need to be very old like me to remember this series starring Sally Field!) I used this really cute red and white ribbon which I sewed in at the ends instead of tying. It sort of holds the gathers where you want them better

Bit of a scary shot of me. Please excuse Junior Busy's room. I have given up yelling at him to tidy it. He's back at school Friday, so I might get it half decent!!!