Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Bag By Any Other Name would be... um

well it wouldn't be a bag bag and it probably wouldn't even be a makeup bag. But perhaps it could be a Smalls bag. I told you I go crazy once I'm on to something. This time I have made matching Smalls bags for my sisters Pauline and Lee. Lee as I said in my previous post travels a lot with her job, and Pauline and her husband Ted, well they just travel. Because they like to. And good on them I say. I just wish they would let me carry their passports. Anyway I made these for them, for their smalls, whilst they are away. I love that word for your knickers and wot not. Smalls. So old fashioned and kind sounding...

I cracked on with the embroidery thingy on my machine, and it came out okay. I could probably do with a bit more practice, but that I actually managed to programme in a whole world was a small miracle in itself!

A little footnote. I was making excuses that the photos were very dim, and my camera was playing up. The reason. Erm it was on a moonlight setting! nothing to do with me. I think a big kid did it and then ran away...!

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Ginger_Curls said...

I love your bags! That's a neat idea - a smalls bag for in your suitcase. I travel a lot for work - may need to make one for myself.