Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tulle flower tutorial...

Due to popular demand here is the tute for the tulle flower brooch...
Get all your bits together...
You will need:

Tulle - I used black and a sort of beige colour. (its what I had in the stash!)
Needle and thread.
Templates, one slightly bigger than the other - mine are very high tech, jam jar lids!
Scissors - stating the obvious here.
Brooch Back or safety pin.

Cut out 8 of each colour, or if you are doing one colour 16 in the larger circle. Mine were as rough as guts, but tulle is very forgiving.
Cut out 8 of the smaller size.

For each petal use 2 large circles together and fold in half. Mine were one black circle and one beige one. Now layer them like this and starting at the back make a stitch through all layers to secure.

Keep doing this until you have 4 sides secured. (If you can have four sides to a circle?)

Now take your next 8 double layers circles. (We are still on the big circles here folks). Fold in half and in half again, so you have a quarter.
Do the same as before so that you are securing each quarter...


Take your smaller circles and fold into quarters, and secure on top of the others. For the top I did a double layer of the lighter colour, not with the black in it at all.

Sew on your brooch back, or safety pin. I sort of separate the layers so it looks a bit more "fluffed up". You could also sew in a cute button or diamante in the centre, but I wanted mine quite plain.

...and there you have a tulle flower brooch!

I really hope this helps, and would love to see how much better you can do than my slightly sad attempt!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

A rose by any other name might be a giveaway...

I whipped this little tulle flower up to go on my black dress, which has a bit of a plunging neckline, and being on the wrong side of 40 I reckon I just cannot go around flashing my very sensible bra to Mr Busy's work colleagues, so decided I need a bit of something to cover myself up with. I saw a really cute floppy tulle flower the other day stuck on a dress. It was bigger than the one I have made, so I might give that a bit of a go as well.
I am very proud of myself. Not for my sewing prowess or anything, but the fact that I made do, and didn't go out and buy something to wear tonight. Its Mr Busy's Christmas do, dinner thing. I know! Don't even talk to me about having a work do on a school night, and a Monday at that! It's at Villa Maria, which I am interested to see, as I haven't been there before, which is shameful because it's hardly at the other end of the country!
Mental Note to Self: GET OUT MORE!

I am thinking I might put up a wee tutorial for this, because I just sort of made it up as I went along. What do you reckon? Although you lot are all so crafty and clever that you probably don't need a run down on how to make it. Let me know, and I might even put you all in the draw and do a wee giveaway. Don't know what yet! I tell ya, I'm livin on the edge. Doing giveaway's willy nilly and not even planing for it!
(Small disclaimer - I am going in for eye surgery to remove a cataract from my blind eye next week so you will have to forgive me if I am not on to it immediately. Not sure of the outcome yet, as the cataract is just part of another problem with this pesky eye of mine, but will try and get on to it as soon as. Assuming I get some comments that is!!!)
Anyhoo must go and put on the war paint for Mr Busy's do.
will See you later!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Almost Human

Its been a pretty revolting week I have to say. Monday late in the afternoon started with a niggly pain in my tooth. I tried to ignore it.
Darn. Woke on Tuesday in a lot of pain, but the thing was I had been waiting on a hospital appointment at the Eye Clinic for about 23 years, so could not miss my 10am pre-op appointment. 'Bring someone who can drive you' the letter says, and 'the appointment will take approximately 3 hours'.
Great. I'm in agony and my long suffering sister Pauline (she always gets the driving job) has to sit in the waiting room, and try to find a vending machine that doesn't dispense muddy water and pretend its coffee.
Lucky for her (and me) she brought a really good book. I will get to this in a bit.
I suffer the appointment in agony, with my jaw swelling by the minute and pupils so dilated I was almost walking into walls. But thankfully the dentist could get me in later that afternoon.

You know its bad when the dentist's receptionist looks at you, sucks air through her teeth, pulls a face and says "oooh you poor thing..." So ... 'its an abscess', and "you need antibiotics", and "we might just max your credit card to pay for the Root Canal that you so desperately need".

By Thursday or is it Friday ( I don't know now its all a bit of a haze) I can't take much more of the pain, and in the end it's another trip to the dentist, a wee jaunt to A & E, a hop skip and a jump to the pharmacy, and I'm loaded with drugs, new antibiotics, and another 2 days in bed, and a face that only Weta Worshop could love.
I took another little trip, but that was purely down to the Codeine which I very obviously do not have the constitution for.
But I can report that I will now not being auditioning for the new Elephant Man movie, and my face is almost symmetrical again. (Mind you I'm not sure it ever was to be honest!)

As I started recouping I was able to read a book, and I knew it would not disappoint. Mitch Albom just never has disappointed me. Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People you Meet in Heaven and For One More Day, they all left a lasting impression on me.
Have a little Faith is a fantastic read, and I won't insult you by trying to review it but take a look at this. Mitch reads his first few pages. I bawled just watching that!

I was lucky enough to go see Mitch Albom when he was in Auckland a couple of years back. He is such a lovely guy, and a brilliant writer. I'm totally in love!

Anyway, I'm off on Friday for the last bit of my Root Canal. I hope it all goes well. I guess I'll just need to Have a Little Faith...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I apologise if I appear rude...

Remember when this went pear shaped a good few months back? Well I have only just got it back a few weeks ago. I don't like it when things go pear shaped because they never really come back quite the same. And my whizz bang computer hasn't. I usually do all my emaily stuff through Outlook, but for some reason it now won't accept emails from my ISP. Which also means that when I try to send someone an email to thank them for commenting on my, what are becoming really boring posts, I can't. In fact now I can't do lots of things on my flash not very old computer, who's warranty had expired which made Dell not want to help me at all. (But that's a whole new post, and not the right forum for venting my immense frustration at off shore call centre's)
So dear readers, and you're a loyal bunch for hanging in there and reading my blog and leaving really nice comments, I apologise if you feel neglected for not getting a wee follow up email. I'm not ignoring you honestly. I am usually sitting in front of this computer muttering bad words under my breath, about how much you pay for these things, and then they just ... break.

Which leads me nicely to this...

My shiny new friend in the sewing room, who looks remarkably like the last one, who (insert a slightly demented laugh) also went pear shaped. (Can you see a theme occurring here, or is it just me?)
And because I'm a glutton for punishment, let me introduce you to a couple more additions to the creative space.
Dymo the labeller, which I spent my birthday money on, because I have been wanting one of these babies forever.

And Victoria Lynn, the Crystal Crafter. Its a thingy that you can attach Swarovski Crystals to almost anything. My sister Lee bought it for me for my birthday in October. I can't wait to be let loose with that either.

I've already registered the warranty's on them, so ... fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

An update on the drama...

Remember this. Things have been a bit tense around here the last couple of days. Billy went in for "therapy", and I haven't heard a peep since around the middle of October. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and yes it does, but also a little stir crazy as well. Anyway I phoned up the "fix it place", and there was a lot of dithering about and general "not being able to find the folder" carry on. The folder is an important part of our reconciliation here, because it held all our details, like where to contact me when Billy was ready to come home. I also handed over some very important documentation, like the receipt and warranty, of which I had no copy. You can see the panic that was starting to rise when in fact they could find no evidence of Billy's lengthy stay. Oh yeah there were promises that they would call me back in the morning, and all that, but I knew. I knew in my heart that things were not right. That perhaps Billy might not be coming home after all. After a rather terse message left on the "Head Honcho's" voice mail. I got a call back a few hours later.
Billy has decided not to return to our relationship. But they have another Billy all jacked up, apparently this one doesn't have any hangups with his motor, and is ready to be picked up and taken home, and this time very much appreciated.

Phoned Spotlight yesterday.
Spotlight could not find paper work regarding my faulty sewing machine which went in for repair mid October.
Said shop did not ring back.
I rang Head Office and a nice girl called Angela sorted it all out. (Note: always go to the top)
Billy (sewing machine) had been lost.
They were replacing my Brother 4200 with a brand new one.
Ready to be picked up tomorrow.


Monday, 2 November 2009

Summer has to be on its way! Yeah Right!

If you are a Kiwi, and partial to a cold beer the title of this post might mean something to you, because it poured down this morning, but then I could have predicted that, because:
A: We live in Auckland
B: I watered my little vege/herb patch last night.

Besides that, the distinctive sound of Tui's are in the air. They are my favourite bird. Well apart from the Kiwi of course. And I simply love the sound of their call. I could sit and listen to them for ages. Jr Busy daughter pointed out a couple in a tree a over the back. This tree is quite a distance, so they looked huge.

See that tree the skinny sort of one in the middle. They are at the top of there...


Anyway, I just thought I would share this little moment with you... Um I apologise for the sideways picture. I keep forgetting that you can't rotate video... um and the batteries were going on the camera again (I'm almost to embarrassed to mention it) hence the very short film. But you can catch their lovely sound at the end.

Have a chirpy day....