Monday, 20 July 2009

And the winner is...


I had a very official picking process. You know the one where you tear bits of paper up from one of the kids refills, and write all the names down, and then put them in a little pile and close your eyes and dive your hand in? One of those. Now I wanted to take a picture of the process or at the very least the winners name, but in famous Busy style the batteries have run out again in the camera, and the the two spare ones are in fact only one due the fact that when we were in Rotorua, I dropped one and it fell through the planks of the bridge we were standing on and straight into the river, and I wasn't about to dive in and try and find it!
So what I would normally do would be to take a really dodgy picture on the webcam. Another bit of a drama, unfortunately, is that my computer is currently away, as it caught something very nasty and at this very moment is being poked and prodded to try and retrieve all my photos and documents, which is giving me a bit of heartburn as I think I could possibly lose them all.
Sooooo I am on the family laptop which as I may have said before is a bit like waiting at the deli where you have to take a number and wait your turn. You know the one where you are number 58 and they have only just called out 24? But thats not the point. The point is this flash RED laptop does not have a photo capture facility on it. Oh its got a motion detector and a time lapse thingy, in case you want to set it up in the garden to watch a flower emerge from the depths of winter or something. And a heap of special effects on the video, but nope I cannot just TAKE A PHOTO!
Lucky for me I already put up a flash pic of the little zipped pouch, otherwise I would not have got a record NINE comments. Yep this blog is getting real popular!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

More Snaps and a Giveaway too!!!!

Woohoo, its only taken me about 18 months to reach 100 posts, but I'm here, and I feel as though I belong to a special club or something. I think the "protocol" is to do a giveaway, so I think I might just do that!
But first I will show you some more snaps of our weekend away!! Yeah you don't get off that lightly you know!!! I will try and keep it brief before I reveal the giveaway.
But first a word from our sponsors...

Paradise Valley Springs.

And a couple of interesting things

so if its good enough for Warriors its good enough for accountants...

I won't go on about it anymore, but Paradise Valley Springs was a wonderful place, and I didn't even mention the Lion feeding. Do you know how big a Lion looks when you only have a bit of wire between the two of you? Real big and very intense looking! Seriously if you are in Rotorua, check it out, the kids will love it!!

Part Two of the 100th Post
My last giveaway yielded 2 comments. Yep you heard correctly. Two. So just humour me eh, and leave a comment. I will post internationally and everything, because I'm good like that!

Up for grabs is this little zipped bag, and who knows, I might chuck something in it as well,

so leave a comment, and I will put you in the official draw. And if you link to my blog let me know and I will double your chances.

: 0 )

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This Holiday Stinks!

I have been a bit absent lately, due to my broken computer, which is still awaiting urgent medical assistance, but having a "family computer" has helped a bit. Although its a bit like taking a ticket and having to wait for your number to be called out. I would like to say that the lack of computer has had me sewing away like a cyber deprived maniac, but alas I don't have much to show, except a very small silk pouch. (More about that in another post).

Jellybelly Jellybrain, has posted her holiday snaps, and I have to say there wasn't a moment where I was thinking "oh hurry up" because she took some very nice shots of things at the very hot and summery beach. However as we are in the middle of a very cold winter here in New Zealand, the only place for a holiday, in my opinion is Rotorua, or one of our stunning mountains for skiing, but I have an aversion to snow (probably from living in the UK for 12 years.)

So on Friday we gave the kids the last day of term off and we hit the road early for our 3 hour trip to Rottonrua. Nicknamed aptly because it smells of eggs. Its all the sulphur and thermal activity I assume, and not that the town lives on Baked Beans and Cabbage.

Between you and me, I don't think a weekend counts as a "holiday", but Mr Busy has done a spreadsheet and budget forecast and it looks like that could be it...
... so I will show you a few of our "holiday" snaps.

There was quite a bit of this

And a lot of this...

A trip up the Gondola

and a hair raising ride down the luge .

Please note: Picture is not indicative of actual terror shown.

Then off for some thermal activity...

Where things got steamy at Wai-O-Tapu (Sacred Waters)

This sign means....

Don't stick your fingers in the hot water Mr Busy!!

I conveniently wore a top to match The Devils Bath.

and not forgetting the bubbling mud pools, which I could have stood and watched all day!

And now for a small pictorial interlude ...

before I bid you Ka kite ano ...