Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Makeup Bag

First a bag bag, and now a makeup bag. This is for my sister Lee. She is having a wee eye op today, and I hope she is okay. She does a lot of travelling with her job, and when I said I can do bag bags, or a makeup (type) bags, she said Yaay, because she doesnt have one and throws her mascara and wot not in her handbag. That will never do I cried, and thanks to this, I am able to make all manner of little bags with zips. Im lovin zips at the moment, because I have been phobic about them, until this little tutorial.
Anyway Lee Lee I hope you are all okay and I will be around tomorrow to make sure you dont bump into any walls!!

Once again apologies for bad quality of photo. Im sure there is something going on with my camera, because they are looking very dark and dim photos just lately. Nothing to do with my skills or anything. (mmmm hmm?)

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Little Miss Flossy said...

Isn't that a great tutorial? I use it heaps at school, in all sorts of sizes. Love the fabric.