Saturday, 29 November 2008

Outside my kitchen window...

This is Cleo and we love her...

This is a Tui, and we love them too...

And here is Cleo again, looking like she is not really interested in Tui's at all ...

Friday, 28 November 2008

Okay I have a real blogging problem and need some help!!!!

When I try and do a little story with pictures in between, it all ends up back to front. Some really lovely bloggers do tutorials and everything, and its all in order. (You know the beginning at the beginning, the middle where it should be and the end ... well the end is ... AT THE END). But me, the computer illiterate fool that I am, start telling a story and want to put a picture in and then continue with the story, but I end up with the beginning at the end, so I only ever put in one picture because I can't get it right. I keep thinking perhaps I should be doing the whole thing backwards, but to be honest its hard enough getting my thoughts to go in a straight line, and forward in the first place so to start at the back and work backwards ... well all I can say is, I hope they do a nice line in straight jackets somewhere. So if there is anyone out there in blog land (who in fact reads my blog) can you just point me in the right direction. Like where would I find instructions, because I have looked in the help section, and frankly it didn't really help, and all I have done for the last half hour is wander aimlessly in cyber space, when in fact I should be preparing for the onslaught of ten 8 and 9 year olds who are all arriving for Anna's 8th birthday party at 10am in the morning. Dang I was going to be really organised this weekend as well......

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Traitor and a letter to Santa...

Dear Santa
I’m not sure how your finances are looking this year but in case you have a few bob stashed away somewhere, because you have the elves on minimum wage, and have not being paying their union fees, then could I put in a request?
The thing here is that it’s not so much for my benefit, but for Ms Jones (my sewing machine). She has been a real trouper and constant companion for the last 20 or so years but I really fear that the arthritis which has been bothering her is starting to set in. You see her presser foot, which we have been taping up for quite some time now, has really started to deteriorate. In fact just this morning the tape holding her altogether came apart and her insides started to spill out all over the carpet. I did get in a bit of a state, and the men that are working on putting our tv in, must have wondered why I was on the floor talking to my sewing machine. I was really just trying to keep Ms Jones calm whilst I put all her bits back together. She is want to sudden outbursts you see, so a calming tone is sometimes necessary.
The duct tape seems to have held it in for the moment, but there is a creak to her crank shaft now. Ms Jones really does try to soldier on but sometimes she just slows down for no reason, and then at other times just forgets to stop altogether. As I said she is want to sudden outbursts and I ‘m reluctant to use the word out loud in front of her but do you think sewing machines can suffer from Alzheimer’s?
Anyway Santa I hope this finds you and Mrs Santa and all your lovely little elves in good health? I won’t keep you as I know you must be flat to the boards, with all those demands from those delightful children, whom, may I just point out are probably only just starting to behave themselves because they know the big "two five" of December is fast approaching.
I, on the other hand have been consistently behaving myself. (Apart from that one occasion after a couple too many wines, when I got a bit lout but I went to confession the other day so I’m all good.)
Take Care and give my best to the Reindeer.
Busy Lizzie

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Here is what that fabric turned into

Ta Dah...!!!! June Jetson (ish). I am a bit nervous of putting pictures of the kids on my blog, but other nice bloggers do. Any way here is my youngest darling daughter Anna. Top made of two sample squares of silver fabric. Silver Skirt is wrap around style, and the purple cape is made out of one of those disposable plastic table cloths. Anakin Skywalker aka Nick, left his costume at school, but it was sort of done from a dressing gown pattern. The kids were chuffed to bits, and I won Mother of The Week!! Next big thing ... Anna has the lead part in her class school production as the Grasshopper in The Grasshopper and the Ants, so it will be something green. And then Nick is Angel Gabriel in his EIF (Education In Faith) production. Anna is also an angel. (For those of you wondering EIF, is for Catholic kids that don't attend Catholic School.)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Book week at School

Is a big thing at Owairoa primary, and as its theme this year is Rocket into Reading, ie space, can you guess what all this fabric is about to become? Um ignore the lovely flowery fabric at the bottom of the pile. That is the skirt that I was supposed to finish last week!!! I'll keep you posted.

Vintage Books

Mikes parents are cleaning out underneath their house. I have often heard, about "under the house", and seeing as though they have lived there for 51 years, it has been reported to hold lots of treasures. Mil (mother in law)saved me some books. A vitamizer recipe book and this old old one that must have been her mother's. It is fantastic. Amongst the High Chapperal and Lindy Annuals there was a New Zealand Woman's Weekly from January 1976, complete with full back page advertisment for Matinee Extra Mild cigarettes; "the gentle taste that satisfies". Oooooh yuck!!! I do love the fabric and dress on the front cover though.