Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's a wrap...

I thought I might whip up this wrap around skirt today. So got out the old faithful pattern. I actually wanted to make it in another fabric but didn't quite have enough. That could have been a sign right there!
I have made this before and it's so easy and quite a nice cool skirt. Which is what I need in this weather because I'm starting to get a bit cranky to be honest. To start with I sleep badly anyway and it's hard enough trying to sleep in this heat, but add to that some noisy teenagers half way up the road, cranking out the beats, and shrieking like maniacs, which sets off the neighbours dog into a barking frenzy until 3am, and you may think I'm slightly mental to think of sewing anything in my fragile state.
I never remember which way to sew the bias binding. Skinny side to fabric first or thick side? So I always find myself here at Angry Chicken's great little tute. (I am embarrassed to admit, I should actually know these things. I did School C Sewing and Textiles for goodness sake!)
So you can imagine what emanated from the sewing room, when I still got it wrong, and then sewed the ties wrong way around, so it's a bit awkward to do up, and I sort of have to wear it left handed! By the time I realised my mistake there was no way I was going to unpick nearly 3 metres of bias binding.

I really could have put on another t/shirt for the photo shoot (I use that term very loosely) but honestly by this time I really don't care, and now I feel it looks a bit Nana-ish. I love the fabric, but not sure about it in this skirt. I seem to be really going for that aqua colour right now. But hey it will do for knocking around the house, and if all else fails, perhaps I could fashion it in to a rather fetching muzzle for the dog next door, or those wild party animals up the road!


Joanna said...

No not Nana-ish at all! Very youthful:) SO you made a wrap around skirt - next will be some pink wrap around shorts lol!!!

busy lizzie said...

Ha ha I don't think I could get away with those little shorts now. time to pass the mantle to my daughters I think!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a lovely skirt - looks great on and the fabric is gorgeous. Thanks for the bias binding link. I've never sewn it on before and will be attempting to at some stage, so I need all the help I can get.