Saturday, 16 January 2010

Island Life

In our endeavour to do stuff these holidays, here is our wee trip to Rangitoto today. It was a bit of a climb, and I did think my heart would give out. So even though I don't do resolutions, I must try and get fitter this year! I now sport a definite lump and bruise on my thigh, from the fool I made of myself going end over kite on the loose volcanic stones. Owwwww!

The view at the top is well worth the trek!

That so familiar shape that is Rangitoto.


Junior Busy looking a little exhausted, and we are not even half way!

Auckland in the background

One of the cute baches on the island.

Exploring the lava caves....

And all this only half an hour from home!

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Anonymous said...

This is one of our summer holiday activities we didn't get around to. Always a good trip - looks like you had fun (apart from the end over kite incident).