Monday, 20 April 2009


It's a group I have started on FB. Its stands for Mothers Against Rejected Mothers Of Teenagers.
I told you a couple of posts back how I was hanging around at FB for a bit hence my lack of posting? I even made friends with my two oldest children. Busy Daughter 21 in August, and Busy Son 18 in June. (To be honest he is not that busy, mainly just lies around, or goes out socialising). This whole face book thing was going quite well for a while and everyone was rubbing along together in a very jolly fashion, with lots of nice comments and everything. And then it happened. Here is how...

Matt comments: Finished work early. (He's a builders apprentice, and its pouring rain today)
Mum comments: Well you can tidy your room then! (in a lets have a laugh kind of way)
Friend of Matt comments: ha ha
Matt comments: Mum don't comment me you loser.
Friend of Matt comments: tidy your room.
Mum comments: something about not being so mean, and I can embarrass you more than you can embarrass me.
Matt comments: I can delete you.

And guess what? He did. Just like that!
On my status bar I had written: KIDS! Just when you think they have pushed you to the edge they grab a heart string and pull so hard it makes your eyes water.
My son had just ripped my heart out.
He doesn't wanna be my friend anymore. Where did I go wrong I ask myself? Was it spoiling him too much, by buying him that Swimming Action Man when he was five? Could it have been the trip to Disneyland when he as six? Or did it happen later in High School when I insisted on dropping him right at the school gate, whilst blasting Easy Listening music from the car, while I waited until he was safely in the school gate? I just don't know how he could have turned like that.

I'm sure there are distraught parents out there all over the place, aimlessly wondering why their kids have deleted them. Word might get out, they may need MARMOT. And for all you parents of 7 year olds, don't think it won't happen to you. Get your support networks in place NOW! I tell you you are gonna need them! One day they will change, and instead of laughing at your corny joke, it will be met with silence and a curled lip...

Remember you have been warned! Please leave a comment if you are in need of a friendly message from team MARMOT.

A teenage Marmot shortly before it's parents spent $20,000 in Orthodontist treatment


Little Miss Flossy said...

Can't shoot them LOL. Oh I do know it's going to happen and I also know it's not going to be pretty but ouch, he doesn't deserve that toothpaste commercial smile. Bet you feel like ripping his pearly whites out. Hugs and hot chocolates, extra marshmallow for you tonight.

Little Miss Pepperberry said...

The little rat! I would've slapped him good an' proper :-) I hope you know that it's 100% not about you- it's a teenage thing. I know, because I was recently a teenager :-) I wish he knew how lucky he was to have a mum at all!!

Joanna said...

Oh I know it will happen to me when mine become teenagers. My 8 year old daughter already gets embarrassed when I drop her at school. I like to wind down the window and yell out, "I Looooove Youuuuu! Kiss Kiss Kiss!!!" Oh yes, she hates it when I do that. Can't imagine why. lol!!!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

But, but, but ... I am boy*jelly's bestest friend ever and he loves me to the edges of the ooniverse and he's never going to be interested in girls and one day he might marry me ....
You telling me he's LYING?!?!?!

Princess kirstie jane said...

Oh I laughed at that story. I too have been the target of a look of 'I think you are an idiot'. I think it all started when the first born was seven and told me that something I told her was wrong cause "thats not what (her teacher) said". I was no longer god :(, the beginnings of her realising that she was surrounded by stupid adults. But they are a fickle lot, he'll be back.