Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lets face it

Its been a wee while since my last post.
The thing is you see, ages ago, I don't even know when, I sort of got this face book account. Did I know what to do with it? No not really. But then one day out of the blue I got this email that said so and so has requested I be her friend on fb (I'm starting to use abbreviations already), and I thought... okaaaay. So I said she could be my friend, which was a bit silly really because she was already my friend, and in fact we were due to have coffee the next day, with a few of our other friends, who also suddenly started sending me fb requests for friendship, which was a bit silly really because we were also... well you get the idea. So after a little while I had a few friends on fb, and then started thinking of people I hadn't seen in ages, and before I knew it I was requesting friends, which was a bit silly because ... okay we won't start that again.
Anyway did you know fb is quite addictive? Just a little bit. and I feel bad because I know my darling sister Lee reads my blogs really regularly (thanks Lee lee) and I think she might have been feeling neglected along with the other thousands of you who read this blog - ahem. So the thing is I have been hanging out at fb for a bit, but I'm back now and it feels quite nice, because I did put some pictures of some of the things I made on my fb page, titled Things I Made, and I got really positive comments, apart from the one from my 20 year old daughter. Her comment was. "Oh God Mother", because her friends can see my pics too. Anyway being the age I am I'm not easily embarrassed anymore, so it didn't worry me, but poor Emma, will have to wait another 20 years before she is not humiliated by her attention seeking Mum. Moving on... I haven't been doing much sewing (hmm I'm in that unmotivated place again, and according to Oprah I think its my hormones but that's another post), but I did get a new do, (another webcam shot) and I will post it here today just so you know I am back, and still with ya...

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Little Miss Pepperberry said...

Ooh, Facebook. I have spent the past two years resisting temptation and the begging of friends, and I'm still not on it... but you've crossed to the other side!! I hope you have fun over there :-)