Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Blessings

Its been a good Easter Weekend, all the solemnity of Good Friday, and then Easter Sunday celebrations, with the baptism of a wee girl. Mass was packed to the gunnells this morning, with a lot of singing and clapping. Puts you in a good mood for the day, even if the two rugrats kicked each other and sulked all the way through it!! Can tell its Easter because we just got our first Feijoa off the tree, and the Fig tree is yeilding more fruit everyday, even though the birds are still getting their fair share.

This was before the figs ripened...

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter Season.


Little Miss Flossy said...

Feijoas! Yum! It's too cold to grow them down here and we have to buy small, wizened ones from the supermarket. Do you like feijoa cake? Want a recipe?

Little Miss Pepperberry said...

Oh, my goodness- i cannot describe how in love I am with Feijoas. They make me drool, and I have been known to beat off people with my bag so i can get to them first. I've just started growing my own Feijoa tree- it's still a baby, though, so there won't be any delicious treats for at least a year! I'm jealous of yours :-)