Saturday, 3 May 2008

Soccer, Soup and a Roaring Fire

Nick had his first game of soccer this year. The season had already started a good few weeks ago,although he hasn't played because he rolled off my swiss ball and broke a bone in his shoulder!!!
Yes I know it sounds really good, with me having a swiss ball and everything, and does conjure up images of a fit busy mother, but here is the thing. I haven't actually used the swiss ball yet. But I have to say it makes quite a good foot rest whilst I sit in front of the tele! I have good intentions, but my husband keeps telling me the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So I suppose the only way to go is up then!
Anyway I digress...
Nicks game. Blackpool (9th grade) won 2 nil, and I can't remember what the other team is called, because apart from the odd, "great shot", or "go Blackpool go!" yelled from the sideline, I spent most of the game chatting with one of the other mothers. But the point Im trying to make here is that winter is on its way. We have had a cold blast from the South and you can feel it. The scarfs are out, and Iv'e lost my gumboots, so its a trip to the Warehouse to buy another pair, because I know from experience that by the months end, we will be standing ankle deep in mud! I have made a mental note to buy some warm 'sideline clothes', because there is nothing worse than freezing at your childs soccer game and trying to muster the enthusiasm to cheer on the team and pat the Player of the Day on the back at the end of it all.
However apart from what seems like a cold miserable prospect on the horizon, I do love the prospect of getting home on a Saturday morning, with a frozen face and muddy kids, to a big stock pot full of homemade vegetable soup, and a roaring fire. We have had a brilliant summer, but the thought of a tucking down for the winter, and eating winter fare, whilst Mike brings in the firewood, brings me great joy!!
Footnote: Around July or August my opinion may have changed somewhat, and I will be looking forward to summer once more. However for now I am happy to look with aniticipation to a New Zealand winter!!!

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