Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ms Jones,my sewing machine gazes forlornly out the window...

I havent done much this week because Mike has been suffering all week from the flu. I dont mean the male version either, as we all know how they can play up the symptoms a bit. He really has been crook and laid up all week. I have done the good wife thing, and tried to be kind. I informed him that the "Nice Nurse" would turn into the "Matron from Hell" if he didn't start getting better though, and yesterday "Matron" arrived. He asked me if I was going to administer Euthanasia, but I just told him he would only be wishing I would. I told him he could forget about me running up and down stairs making bacon butties, and cups of tea that are left half drunk, and if he was able to sit up on the sofa, then he could help me get those shelves I just bought, out of the back of the car!! A bit mean because he looked a bit knackered after that. I really wanted to play in my sewing room/office, but its really hard with the other half around, because to him it probably looks like I'm just mucking around and not really doing anything. (like housework and all that rubbish) and I can see how that must look to him, but he just doesn't get to see all the stuff that is happening in my head!!! (probably very fortuante for him). I have been drawing lots of little pictures of what I want to do, so its not like it's all been in vain. I have also been knitting. I want to make Anna a poncho, but I'm not sure its quite how I thought it would be... so if anyone has a really easy knitted poncho idea, please once again form an orderly cue and let me know!! I have put a picture of my office in this post, as you will see it could do with a damn good tidy up, but once I start "doing stuff" it all just goes to custard really.

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