Saturday, 10 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Its Mothers Day tomorrow, and I wanted to put in this picture the only one I have of my maternal grandmother, Annie Lee Houston. My mother (Mary) one of the babies, and we are not sure which one, with her twin sister Isa, and one of their older sister's (Lizzie, my namesake). My grandmother was the unofficial village midwife, in a little Scottish village called Whiterigg. But she also helped with laying out the dead as well. Both ends of the spectrum. My mum was the youngest of 13 children, and my grandmother died when my mum was only 14. How I would love to sit down with her one day and have a chat. I get the feeling she was a quiet spoken woman, and as I look at her now, I realise how much my mother looked like her.

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j.t.houston said...

Lizzie, just seen your blog for Mothers day, it's really nice that you put your Mum Gran and Aunties picture in, I think they would like that. There's no way I can put this except to say that you've got a big blog, you know what I mean but it does sound dirty, sorry. j.t