Sunday, 11 May 2008

Op Shop find

One of my recent favourite Op Shop finds was an old Farmers Trading Company bag full of that old fashioned crochet work. I dont know whether some of the wee pieces were samplers or the start of some project that never got finished. I should imagine they would be from a deceased estate, and that I have now become the new owner of someone's Nana's "old stuff" that no one wanted or knew what to do with. Well thats how I like to think of it anyway. Seeing the old Farmers logo brings back memories of catching the Farmers Free bus from by Karangahape Road, and going up to the top floor of the Farmers Department Store to have lunch in the restaurant, where you could go into the childrens area and ride around on three wheeler bikes, and try and get Hector the parrot to talk. (I think his name was Hector) I should imagine that having a live parrot in a restaurant area would break every by-law and OSH regulation in the book these days. But to me as a small child it was the height of sophistication and poshness. None of this McCafe rubbish. Going out was a real treat, when shopping wasn't a National past time, and a trip to the shops either meant running down to the dairy for a loaf of bread, or it meant you needed new shoes for school, the latter normally only happening a couple of times a year. Yep the older I get the better it was.... sigh.

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