Friday, 9 May 2008

It Mothers Day soon and the sewing machine is out!

I think I work better under pressure. Its Mothers Day here on Sunday, and the little photo frame that I bought my Ma In Law, looked a bit stingy, so I thought I might whip her up something, and seeing as though I am quite good at sewing square sort of things, I thought perhaps a travel laundry bag might be the way to go. Mikes Mum and Dad frequently travel to Australia to visit Mikes two sisters over there, so it might come in handy.

And I love the look of simple applique, It was so easy peasy and it only took me about an hour, and that was sifting through fabric and wot not and generally putting the idea together. Its quite cute, and I like the little bow on the knickers. I hope my Ma in law likes it, but I think she appreciates anything I make her. (She's good like that!).

I might whip up a few more because my sisters might like one as well, and seeing as we don't have our darling mother with us anymore, I might do theirs with a lovely gingham heart. We love and miss our Mum so much, so it somehow seems appropriate. Happy Mothers Day Mary Lewis x x

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