Monday, 2 November 2009

Summer has to be on its way! Yeah Right!

If you are a Kiwi, and partial to a cold beer the title of this post might mean something to you, because it poured down this morning, but then I could have predicted that, because:
A: We live in Auckland
B: I watered my little vege/herb patch last night.

Besides that, the distinctive sound of Tui's are in the air. They are my favourite bird. Well apart from the Kiwi of course. And I simply love the sound of their call. I could sit and listen to them for ages. Jr Busy daughter pointed out a couple in a tree a over the back. This tree is quite a distance, so they looked huge.

See that tree the skinny sort of one in the middle. They are at the top of there...


Anyway, I just thought I would share this little moment with you... Um I apologise for the sideways picture. I keep forgetting that you can't rotate video... um and the batteries were going on the camera again (I'm almost to embarrassed to mention it) hence the very short film. But you can catch their lovely sound at the end.

Have a chirpy day....

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Anonymous said...

You sound as jaded as I do about the weather in Auckland. I'm sitting here listening to tuis as I type as well - it's so lovely, and beats the crows we heard every morning on a recent trip to Australia - no comparison.