Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tulle flower tutorial...

Due to popular demand here is the tute for the tulle flower brooch...
Get all your bits together...
You will need:

Tulle - I used black and a sort of beige colour. (its what I had in the stash!)
Needle and thread.
Templates, one slightly bigger than the other - mine are very high tech, jam jar lids!
Scissors - stating the obvious here.
Brooch Back or safety pin.

Cut out 8 of each colour, or if you are doing one colour 16 in the larger circle. Mine were as rough as guts, but tulle is very forgiving.
Cut out 8 of the smaller size.

For each petal use 2 large circles together and fold in half. Mine were one black circle and one beige one. Now layer them like this and starting at the back make a stitch through all layers to secure.

Keep doing this until you have 4 sides secured. (If you can have four sides to a circle?)

Now take your next 8 double layers circles. (We are still on the big circles here folks). Fold in half and in half again, so you have a quarter.
Do the same as before so that you are securing each quarter...


Take your smaller circles and fold into quarters, and secure on top of the others. For the top I did a double layer of the lighter colour, not with the black in it at all.

Sew on your brooch back, or safety pin. I sort of separate the layers so it looks a bit more "fluffed up". You could also sew in a cute button or diamante in the centre, but I wanted mine quite plain.

...and there you have a tulle flower brooch!

I really hope this helps, and would love to see how much better you can do than my slightly sad attempt!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great instructions - bet it's not as easy as you make it look. Will try and get to Spotlight and hunt down some tulle at some stage so I can have a go at making this lovely brooch.

Gandhali said...

wow - that's pretty :) i bought my tulle from geoffs emporium [of course!!].. i've also made a tulle brooch using no sewing [i can't sew to save my life!], and i'll hopefully post that on my blog soon!