Sunday, 15 November 2009

Almost Human

Its been a pretty revolting week I have to say. Monday late in the afternoon started with a niggly pain in my tooth. I tried to ignore it.
Darn. Woke on Tuesday in a lot of pain, but the thing was I had been waiting on a hospital appointment at the Eye Clinic for about 23 years, so could not miss my 10am pre-op appointment. 'Bring someone who can drive you' the letter says, and 'the appointment will take approximately 3 hours'.
Great. I'm in agony and my long suffering sister Pauline (she always gets the driving job) has to sit in the waiting room, and try to find a vending machine that doesn't dispense muddy water and pretend its coffee.
Lucky for her (and me) she brought a really good book. I will get to this in a bit.
I suffer the appointment in agony, with my jaw swelling by the minute and pupils so dilated I was almost walking into walls. But thankfully the dentist could get me in later that afternoon.

You know its bad when the dentist's receptionist looks at you, sucks air through her teeth, pulls a face and says "oooh you poor thing..." So ... 'its an abscess', and "you need antibiotics", and "we might just max your credit card to pay for the Root Canal that you so desperately need".

By Thursday or is it Friday ( I don't know now its all a bit of a haze) I can't take much more of the pain, and in the end it's another trip to the dentist, a wee jaunt to A & E, a hop skip and a jump to the pharmacy, and I'm loaded with drugs, new antibiotics, and another 2 days in bed, and a face that only Weta Worshop could love.
I took another little trip, but that was purely down to the Codeine which I very obviously do not have the constitution for.
But I can report that I will now not being auditioning for the new Elephant Man movie, and my face is almost symmetrical again. (Mind you I'm not sure it ever was to be honest!)

As I started recouping I was able to read a book, and I knew it would not disappoint. Mitch Albom just never has disappointed me. Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People you Meet in Heaven and For One More Day, they all left a lasting impression on me.
Have a little Faith is a fantastic read, and I won't insult you by trying to review it but take a look at this. Mitch reads his first few pages. I bawled just watching that!

I was lucky enough to go see Mitch Albom when he was in Auckland a couple of years back. He is such a lovely guy, and a brilliant writer. I'm totally in love!

Anyway, I'm off on Friday for the last bit of my Root Canal. I hope it all goes well. I guess I'll just need to Have a Little Faith...


Joanna said...

Oh you poor thing - what a miserable week that was! There is NOTHING like bad tooth pain. It's right up there with childbirth in a different kind of way lol! I remember each time a wisdom tooth would get infected I'd desperately call every dentist in the phone book until I could find one that could take me RIGHT NOW! And I didn't care how much it cost - the pain is unbearable! So glad that you're feeling a bit better, and good luck with the last of the root canal. Yuck ;)

Anonymous said...

Stuff of nightmares! Hang in there, good luck on Friday and hope you're feeling better soon.

StellaGazella said...

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