Sunday, 11 October 2009

Nothing to see here folks.. keep moving please...

Remember Billy?
Billy and I have been getting on famously over the last week or so. I've been sewing like mad, and I just didn't notice him getting grumpier and grumpier. I suppose I was off in that euphoric sewing space. Too selfish to even realise that perhaps I was taking my faithful sewing companion for granted.
Then on Friday night - and its not like he had been to the pub and was picking for a fight or anything - he just suddenly made this awful growling noise and then stopped. Stating on his LED screen that he had had enough he couldn't go on any longer like this. (Actually his precise words were, "The Safety Device has been Activated")
In other words his motor had locked up!!!
I consulted our relationship manual immediately. But all the coercing in the sewing room just did not work. We had a really tense 24 hours where I would keep coming back just begging for a second chance, repeatedly consulting our relationship manual, furiously chewing my nails for a positive outcome.
In the end we both decided that it might be a good idea just to have a break from each other for a while. I have heard of these "breaks" where they come back, but never quite the same. And it worries me.
I'm dropping him off at the analysts for verification that we are doing the right thing tomorrow. My stomach is just a knot of nerves at the thought of it. But if we are to go forward in this sewing relationship I know that it's a lonely agony that I will have to bear.
I'm hoping that the "Spotlight" on this problem will bring him back a better Billy, and me a more appreciative sewer....


Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, what a pain. Similar thing happened to me recently. I've already been through denial and anger (in the however many stages of grief there are) - wishing you a positive outcome and a heartfelt reunion with "Billy" in the not too distant future.

A woman evolving said...

I hope Billy gets the R&R he needs! reminds me... I should go get my machine off mumsie.

Mrs Jelly said...

I often find giving them the finger when they're playing up jolts them into working.
Perhaps try that next time he starts giving you gip?