Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Stocking fillers

I got on a bit of roll with these. It was really about time I started using some of the stash of my buttons and ribbons, and I think these will make nice little gifts or stocking fillers. I was thinking of perhaps doing some that were a bit more boyish, sort of like medals, but not sure how they would be received. These sorts of things are great for whipping up whilst you are watching tele. I don't feel quite so lazy if I'm doing something.
Apologies for the bad quality. Light is shocking due to it being a revolting day, and the batteries were going flat in the camera again (no change there then) so I was in a hurry.

I actually only started out to do hair clips, but ran out of clips, but went a bit mad, as you can see!

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Joanna said...

Liz, this is just what I needed to see today! In 10 mins I have a friend coming over and we were going to brainstorm some crafts we could make for our daughters for Christmas. These are perfect!!! our girls would love these!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!