Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Watcha Wearing Wednesday

Okay it's so boring and almost as unflattering as you can get but here goes....
Definately a could do better, and I'm not good at taking photos of myself, especially when the 3 chins try to muscle in on the act. Dear Fi remembers every Wednesday and I have been meaning to post but keep forgetting. I also tried to put the WWW button on my side bar and failed - miserably, because even though my friends think I'm a real whizz on the pewta, I'm really not, and for any of you gals who might be reading my blog. See. I'm not as clever as I look. (And I don't even look that clever!)

Brown polo neck, and Brown jumper over the top, because its freezing today, and Im still not warm! Brown raggy old bleach stained velour tracky's, and to finish off my higly polished look, a pair of dangy old Asics trainers, who's only form of support is the where the laces do up.

Brown Brown and more Brown... So I took a photo of the strides against the blue lino in the bathroom, just to keep you awake. Also trying to suck my guts in, but again failing miserably...

Getting me hair done next Wednesday so hopefully I might scrub up a bit better then. If I remember...!

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Trying Traditional said...

I received your pay it forward in the mail while we were on vacation. Thank you so very much! The girls had all picked a favorite before I even got a chance to look at them and they are getting much love in our home :)

I'll be posting my PIF soon as I get a few things settled around here. Thank you again