Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Time to trash the room...

Got the office nice and tidy, and then felt the urge to mess it up. So ...

Another boxy pouch bag thingy. Its quite cute and has pink and white stripes inside. I put a little ribbon tag thingy sticking out of the side, like the professionals do to make it look - well professional I suppose!

This was for my niece Annabelle, who is really more like a cousin/sister, because I'm only 6 years older than her. Short version of the explanation is: I am the youngest of six, and to put it in perspective, my oldest sibling is 18 years my senior! Hence the closeness in age to my nieces and nephews! I really don't like being called Aunty either!

And for Annabelles daughter Julia, to pad out her 8th Birthday present a bit, I whipped up these little drawer sachets. They smell like Vanilla buttercream cupcakes. I just left the edges raw, because they can look good all frayed, and you know I'm lazy, and I dont have any pinking shears! I must get some, but have you seen the price of them!!

I have been busting to use this fabric, but have a phobia of cutting into a new piece, but looking at all the fabric I have when I was tidying might have altered something!

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Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Dearest Lizzie,

I have a request. It's a request that comes from love :-) What is it? Well, I love that boxy pouchy thingy, and I would love it if you could give us a tutorial! Or even a basic idea of how that shape is made? Pretty please? :-)

Great, fantastic and excellent work!!