Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Do, turns into please don't...

After yesterdays post I'm wondering if you could sense the excitement that I was going to the hairdresser to get my hair done. I'm really funny about my hair, and I don't mean in a ha ha way. Well the fact is, when your looks start going you really only have good hair to fall back on!
My hairdresser was away sick, but I was left in the hands of someone "very capable". Thinking about it I don't want capable, I want outrageously brilliant. Like my hairdresser Kaz! I could tell when she was cutting that I wasn't feeling "those vibes". The ones that say "I am going to look gooo-oood!"
I will cut to the chase (excuse the pun) and just tell you that I came straight home and jumped in the shower and washed it, and went at it with hairdryer, product, straighteners, only to sink to the bathroom floor in misery. I kept saying to the girl. I don't want to look like a Nana, I want to look like a funky mum of four. I do not want to look like a Nana!
Thank heavens for the internet, so I don't have to face anyone.

And I will leave you with this picture...

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