Wednesday, 4 February 2009

What is it with the wildlife around here?

This is the laundry door. In itself not very remarkable, although it does feature a cat door. I use this door a lot, because you maybe able to see the clothes line right outside. Very handy being under the deck when its raining, and it gets a nice breeze for drying the clothes and wot not... I bet you are wondering where this is going? Take a good look.

Dya see it yet?

Yep. Mr Spidey, sitting there flexing his big long hairy legs, just waiting for me to hang out the smalls...

Yeah... ha... I bet him and Mr Weta get together and have a good old laugh about it!!!


Ginger_Curls said...

EEEEK! Did you hang out the smalls? What if he climbed in and you didn't see him??? I don't mind spiders - except when they are near my bed or my clothes!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Huba-Huba. For all that I complain about living in the damp UK, at least all our creepy crawlies can do is freak me out - they can't actually hurt me!
There you go - a comment on your blog. Hope you don't catch the lurgy now!

Joanna said...

Oh that's just lovely. Between that and Wetas, I think I'm good right where I am - mind you, NZ doesn't have snakes, and I would put up with all sorts of creepie crawlies to avoid snakes!