Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Bag for an Old Bag!

Oh boy I went to Karaka yesterday, and popped into thee most divine shop! Along the Karaka Road was an old church which has been converted into an interior design shop. I didn't take my camera (doh!) otherwise I would have posted a pic of it. (Mental note: carry camera at all times!) Anyway this absolutely divinely delicious shop is called Interiors etc and I have fallen in love. It is crammed full of such lovely things, that I am really beginning to resent Mr Busy putting me on a strict budget. (Don't you think budget is a really harsh and cruel sounding word?)
So because I was salivating so much, and possibly under threat of being asked to leave, for causing an OSH hazard, and becoming very annoying with all my exclamations of "Oowaaah isn't that is lovely" every 7 seconds, I threw all caution to the wind, and bought this adorable bag. Actually I bought two, but please don't let on to Mr Busy. Lets just keep it between us eh? He does not understand the whole bag/shoe thing. Seriously he keeps his clothes forever, I'm not joking. He's still got a sweatshirt from 1984. How can I tell I hear your ask disbelievingly? Because that 80's teal colour and the zips all over it really give it away. He's so proud of that sweatshirt. One day its gonna dissappear, and I'm going to blame it on him having a senior moment or something.
So maybe you can understand my cageiness about filling him on every little purchase.
Well I have to say this bag was a steal at $20.00, so I don't think he has got a lot to moan about. Mind you I did buy two the other is in a different colour and am thinking of stocking up for gifts!
I'm going to use this bag for every day, like going down to the shops and things. Why not? I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb as my darling late mother used to say. And she would love this bag too!!


Joanna said...

ooooh 20 bucks IS a steal - especially in NZ!! lol!! LOVE the bags - I definitely would have bought one...or two...myself!!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

What is it with men's objections to having lots of shoes?!?!
Mr Jelly wears brown shoes with his black trousers because he can't see the point of buying a pair of black shoes.
(Plus he knows that when he wears them with his black trousers it offends every fibre of my being!)
Cheers for the linky-doodle)