Thursday, 12 February 2009

Now about that top I promised to show you...

Ah yes. You see I would show you that cute little polka dot top that I made. But here's the thing. Mr Busy woke me yesterday morning as he was jamming dried noodles and scroggin into his backpack and said, "Can I take the camera?" I know. I know not the most romantic of things to wake you up with at 5 in the morning, and frankly nothing is remotely romantic at 5 in the morning, but this is a family show so we might have to save that for another blog! Anyway I sent him on his way with the camera, because - a) I just didn't want to argue that I needed the camera for blog pictures and wot not, and, b) it would have been mean of me not to let him take it. Although for the life of me I don't know how he will get on because he needs instructions to turn the darn thing on. (He is an accountant and can do numbers and budgets and spreadsheets and all manner of what have you to do with making me not spend money, but he is not fantastic with technical things like switching the camera on).
So I made this nice wee top out of very thin polka dot fabric, which is lovely and cool, and I took a photo of it and even put it on a nice padded hanger so it looked really pretty and everything, and then I forgot to get it off the camera and onto my puta. So with the situation being what it is, it will be a bit difficult for me to show you the whole thing. But I did manage to get a photo of a cute little fabric brooch made out of the same fabric, and embellished with a vintage glass button that I got from my mother in law. I left the edges raw which I really quite like, and it looks real purdy on the top that you can't see the picture of yet. A wee word about the top. It is from a gypsy blouse pattern. But I just cut out two fronts, and then threaded a bit of thick ribbon through the neck line. No sleeves or anything, but frankly in this weather who wants sleeves?
Here is the brooch...


bekimarie said...

Nice to meet you.
Poor you, spending valentines day on your own.
Beki xxx

Corrie said... thats a word I haven't heard since duke of edinburgh in year 10!!!!!!

I'd put more chocolate than fruit and it was the best part of hiking!!!