Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Vintage Books

Mikes parents are cleaning out underneath their house. I have often heard, about "under the house", and seeing as though they have lived there for 51 years, it has been reported to hold lots of treasures. Mil (mother in law)saved me some books. A vitamizer recipe book and this old old one that must have been her mother's. It is fantastic. Amongst the High Chapperal and Lindy Annuals there was a New Zealand Woman's Weekly from January 1976, complete with full back page advertisment for Matinee Extra Mild cigarettes; "the gentle taste that satisfies". Oooooh yuck!!! I do love the fabric and dress on the front cover though.

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Joanna said...

Those books are hysterical! Love the gentle taste that satisfies. Yes that's just what I think when I smell someone that reeks of it lol! Those are some real gems!