Friday, 25 June 2010

Bloggy etiquette

What is one to do? I now have comment moderation on my blog. Of course I get so many comments that they all need to be fielded (yeah right) and anyway its a family show and you can't be too careful these days!
Anyway I am getting comments on my posts but some are in Japanese I think it is. I can't read them, so have no idea what they are saying or who this person is. Well Iv'e been rejecting them but don't know whether to feel bad about it or not, because they could be a really nice person, but then again they could be trying to sell me a time share in Outer Mongolia in the off season or something. So if you are nice I apologise, (do you think you could translate your comments?) and if you are trying to sell me a time share, don't bother. I don't have any time to spare! I'm far too busy!

1 comment:

Michele said...

I like your writing style. What kind of novel do you want to write? I write short stories for fun, off and on and would also love to be published one day...
For now, I submit things at occasionally. It's a neat community, but I'm guessing you're too busy. ;)