Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Anchor's away...!!!

I bet you thought I was going to tell you I was off on the Queen Mary or something didn't you? Well I'm referring to these delightful little carrot muffins, that really only have one use. Chuck a bit of rope on the end of them, and throw them off your boat. You'll be moored in the harbour as long as you want! I forgot we had to take a plate to the PTA meeting tonight, so thought I could whip these up. I might try and fob them off to the family, but they will probably end up weighing down the compost bin at the end of the day.

And to add insult to injury I burnt my Bubble Log!!

What follows is a summary of why:
I have been awake since about 2.30am. So instead of trying to force myself to sleep I got up and watched the Living Channel. I fancied the cup cakes they were making on Nestle, New Zealands hottest home baker, and got a bit inspired.
Im going to plead insanity at the PTA meeting tonight, and who knows, it might get me off manning the cake stall!!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha - you are funny Liz. I'm sure they weren't anywhere near as bad as you say. I watched that episode too - although not at 2.30 in the morning! Hope normal sleep patterns have resumed for you.

順其自然 said...
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枝妹 said...
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Gandhali said...

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Joanna said...

Hey I made some Rice Bubble Slice last night! Sofia was doing a presentation to her friends at an activity at church about NZ and she wanted me to make some to show the Kiwi version of Rice Krispie Treats. It was infinitely better than the crappy version they do over here. And mine wasn't burnt ;)logyp