Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble...

I make Bubble log for the kids, to chuck in their lunch boxes, because
A: its really quick and easy to make,
B: I made this pledge when I gave up work a couple of years ago, that if I didn't bake then I was not allowed to purchase shop bought school snacks.

Okay so I have folded a couple of times (a couple?!!) and broken my pledge, but sometimes you just have to take care of your sanity, and not beat yourself up about it all.
Anyway I thought I should whip up some more bubble log, after I resisted taking the easy option at my supermarket foray today. So I'm all geared up and find there are only a couple of miserable rice bubbles skulking around the bottom of the cereal container. Great!
But hang on look there's that Hubbards Muesli I bought on special that everyone raved about for 3 minutes and then pushed to the back of the pantry till the weevils took hold *(Please see footnote)
So what did I do? I chucked the Muesli in instead of the Rice Bubbles.
I'm so lovin it that I had to immediately make a cup of coffee, and eat those small miserable pieces that you get at the side. (Ah actually not so small and not so miserable, but I hate sounding like a greedy pig!)

If you want the recipe it's in the Edmonds book for all you Kiwi "chefs" or as follows:

125 gms butter
2 tablespoons of honey
1 cup of brown sugar. (You can use white sugar, but add a little bit of vanilla essence)

Boil this mixture for 3 minutes once it has all melted.
Take off the heat, and add 4 cups of Muelsi (original recipe is with Rice Bubbles)
Press into a tin, cut while warm and let cool.
(I keep mine in the fridge in this warm weather)

*Please note: No Weevils were harmed in the making of this product*


Little Miss Flossy said...

Ooo love it. I'm always on the scrounge for fast and simple lunch box munchies.

CariBee said...

Oh my god - I LOVE your blog, Liz!! Sooooo funny, and soooo true, all your asides and observations. Love it all! You're on my favourites list now, so you just have to keep writing - or I'll hassle the heck out of you everytime you're in the salon!
xxx Cari