Friday, 18 December 2009

Better than bought ones...

I always think buying flowers for me is such a waste. Because,
A. I am the worst flower arranger in the world
B. They don't last very long even with the little sachets they give you and using all the tricks like sugar and bleach. (Maybe you are supposed to add water to that?!!)
Well even I am able to make a decent looking arrangement, with these gorgeous hydrangea's. They are from our garden and are looking pretty darn pretty right now. Ours are shades of purple, but Annie (my niece and dear friend) has ones that are the most vibrant pink and pure white. Its something to do with the alkaline levels or something.
Really with a blog name like Busy Lizzie, you would think I should know!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love summer, love hydrangeas and the fact an old fashioned flower is back in vogue again (or am I just showing my age? I remember them from my childhood). Whatever - they're beautiful.