Thursday, 24 September 2009


When we had our two wee Japanese boys staying with us, they bought us a whole load of gifts. And I mean a load. Half a suitcase in fact! Extremely generous, and amongst it all they gave us a lot of origami paper, which is just beautiful. I love paper, and kept some aside so I could do something crafty with it.
I thought these glass magnets were a pretty good idea.

I have also had this pattern for a while, and want to make this Kimono dress, which fits nicely with the Japanese theme, although to be honest it doesn't look much like a Kimono to me, but I just can't resist a vintage pattern. I don't seem to be able to muster the energy for much sewing lately. I'm either busy with family stuff, or when I have a moment I am so tired, that going near anything crafty is bad news, because any attempt at creativeness usually turns to custard really quickly only making me more frustrated. However, this only has two pieces so you would think even with chronic sleep deprivation, I could manage it.
Hmmm we shall see...!

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