Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Not Camp Mother or Camp Leader...

No I am not Camp Mother. Someone has to stay home and look after number 4 child! But yesterday I loosened the apron strings a bit, and waved Nick off from the Hall at Owairoa Primary, as he set off for a week at Camp Raglan. The two older kids who are now nearly 21 and 18 both went, when they were at the school, but I felt a little pang when I waved Nick off. Not that he could care. I made sure I gave him a huge hug and kiss at home, because I know he would have been mortified should I display any outward signs of affection in the school hall! It was a bit of a ruffle of the hair and a "see ya Mate" departure. He hardly acknowledged it!!! But I suppose you have to hang on to every skerrick of credibility when surrounded by 120 of your peers!
He was up and dressed at 6am because:
"Mum, we have to be in the hall NO LATER than 8.15!"
And then because it was a special occasion I let him have a play on the computer, before we left. TV and computers are a no go area on school mornings. Something to do with their brains not switching on properly if they watch TV before school. (I must watch too much TV then!)

So all packed and ready to go....

And just in case...

Really, they should be called Bus Legs!

I then got a call from the school at about 11am saying Anna was feeling sick, so I had to go and pick her up from the sick bay. She does have a cold, and a very blocked nose. But I think it was more of a "Mental Health Issue". She had a bit of a gob on her when we left Nick all excited and in mufti, with a big shiny bus waiting by the school gate to whisk them off for a week of fun and no times tables, so I'm guessing it wasn't all about "The Cold"

I'm am very grateful now that I didn't go to Camp, because I have done something very nasty to my neck, and am currently doing a dodgy looking thunder birds impression, because I have that whole, moving the whole body to turn around thing, going on. Anyway I'm off to try and untangle those strings!

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