Saturday, 27 December 2008

Okay I have gained 2 kilos!

Christmas day started at around a quarter to five in the morning. Anna and Nick were allowed to open their stockings, but to be honest it was kind of hard to get back to sleep after that, even though we had a 11.30 to bed on Christmas Eve. (I thought I was so organised... and still it was a late night!). So it was Mikes breaksfast for about 14 people at around 8 am, and then onto the lunch onslaught. Our families stared arriving around 12, we ate around 1.30 - 2.00 ish, and I think the last person left around 6pm. At around 8pm my legs threatened to explode, from being on them all day, and its the day after boxing day and I still feel like Iv'e gone ten rounds! I will leave you with a few pics of the day. Even after all the exhaustion, it was a wonderful day with our families, and not forgetting our candle lighting tradition, for those not with us,especially some long lost cousins we have just discovered, which was the most amazing Christmas present, before my older sister Pauline says Grace, and everyone tucks into far too much food.

Yaay one of the kids, but seriously I dont know why Matt always has to have something on his head!

Me with my two adorable sisters Pauline on the Left and Lee on the Right.

Me and my nephew Damon.

and with my neice Sarah, the coolest little chick!!

And here is my sister in law Maree. Mikes two other sisters live in Oz, and we miss them!
I should have a whole lot more but they are on everyone else's cameras. Anyway Im off to put my feet up!!

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