Thursday, 2 October 2008

We are off! (yeah I thought I could smell something... boom boom)

As you can probably tell, its time we had a bit of a holiday, so we shall be off on Saturday or Sunday down to Waihi Beach. Mikes Aunty and Uncle are very kind and let us use the beach house, which is right on the beach. It is fantastic and has everything you need for a very relaxing holiday. Anna has already booked Mike in for their daily run down to the dairy for a bottle of milk and the NZ Herald. Not sure the weather will be warm enough for a swim, but looking forward to a relaxing break. We are leaving Matt, the appendectomy son at home. He is recovered and getting back to work next week, and with my big girl Emma, now gone flatting, he will be home alone. Hmmmmm. I have warned him about having parties and the like, so this is a big test. (probably more for us than him!) I might take some embroidery or knitting with me for those luxurious quiet moments. But this is the beach we shall be strolling. Lucky eh?

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Joanna said...

Too right you are lucky! I remember many trips to Waihi Beach. My parents had a caravan there for a while, and my Dad and I would go out fishing on his boat. I even remember seeing Dolphins. It always seemed so quiet and peaceful there. Of course we never went in the middle of Summer with the crowds. So much about NZ that I miss!