Thursday, 25 September 2008

I have had a crush on bunting for a while now

and so I made some for Anna's room, with A N N A applique, which looks quite nice. Now I would show you a photo, but the batteries have gone flat in the camera, and that was about two days ago, and I still haven't put them in the charger. I discovered that the batteries were flat about 5 minutes before I had to take Nick and Anna to their Kapa haka concert. There they were, 2 scrawny little white kids, all dressed up in Maori costume, and I grab the camera, and yell, "stand there quick, while I take a photo", after which comes the obligatory bad word, which lately and excuse me for all you good non swearing people, is Bloody Nora! Yeah yeah I know its not that bad, but really I shouldn't in front of the children, and I am trying to become a non swearer. I'll try and keep you posted on that one, but please don't hold your breath. I seem to be doing dumb things like running out of camera batteries for important events in the kids lives, and letting the cell phone get down to one line on the battery icon, whilst I am trying to rush my teenager into hospital for an emergency appendictomy, (which incidentally was NORMAL!). So whats up with me? Beggared if I know, but please place all answers on the back of a envelope and post to, "The Mental Woman of Howick". Its bound to reach me. Anyway stand by I will charge the batteries, but I will have to do it tomorrow, because I don't want to plug them in and then forget them and then wake at 2.16 in the morning and lie there for 40 minutes worrying about it and then try to convince myself that it will be fine, the house really, probably won't burn down. But it might. So in the end I will have to get up anyway, and go and unplug the darn thing, after which time I will be well and truly awake, and mulling over the next bunting I might like to make... As I said "Mental Woman of Howick". It's bound to reach me...!

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