Friday, 1 February 2008

School is back next week and dont I know it...

Ah yes, its that time of year when you realise the carefree days of the summer holidays are fast diminishing, and the school routine is about to take hold again. Fighting through the stampede of mothers and kids trying on school shoes, I end up taking the devil may care attitude towards the price, in my desparation to escape the humidity and the other 150 mothers and their off-spring, trying to get their kids to stand still while they grapple with buckles and velcro. And then there's the stationery. First the purchase (how much did you say?!!!), and then cover with the dreaded Duraseal, which curls up and sticks to everything but the books. I at least try and get the front cover crease free, but the back...? Ah well who looks at the back cover anyway?

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